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West Marin Ranch House, Marin County, CA

JSW/D Architects provided both master planning and design of a single family home and auxiliary buildings for a site in Marin County, CA. Careful placement of each building maximized the owner's 800 acres to be used for sheep and cattle ranching. The floor plan of the home is organized to create protected outdoor areas from the prevailing winds and occasional strong rain. The house includes a large common space for entertaining, two home offices and an extensive outdoor court. The 3,500 sq. ft., one-story home is clad in reclaimed wood with aluminum clad wood windows and a large trellised entry. Masonry retaining walls and deep roof overhangs help the building blend into its surroundings. A sheep barn, auxiliary barn, creamery and farm workers' residence (totaling 10,000 square ft.) are located on the master plan and will match exterior elements of the main house.


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