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Madrone House, Northern California

Photo: William Helsel

A new home and garden with detached garage and guest quarters on a flat site in the San Francisco Bay Area. The floor plan of the home takes the shape of a “lazy s,” and forms two courtyards: an entry court on the street side and a private, south-facing garden court at the rear. Each court contains one of the two mature trees that existed on the site. The rear leg of the plan is two-story with a full basement; the front leg is one story and steps down toward the street. The home includes a pair of home offices, stacked and connected by a spiral stair, and twin inglenooks, for fireplace and breakfast booth.

The project included renovation of an existing cottage into a small guest house. The garage is at the rear of the site, following the traditional pattern of the neighborhood.

The Madrone House runs on both photovoltaic and solar hot water panels, and contains a re-circulating gray water system for garden irrigation.


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